Frequently Asked Questions

Street Search
1. How do I search for a Street in Lagos on
2. How does differentiate between streets with the same name but located in different areas of Lagos?
3. Why is a street name incorrect?



Business Location Search
1. How do I search for a particular business?
2. I saw the business location on the map, but how do i get the company's contact details and address?
3. I like the concept of, how do I get my business listed and how much does it cost?
4. How do i search for a business by category?


Nearest Business Location
1. How do I get the the nearest Bank, ATM, Hotel, etc, to my street in Lagos?
2. How can my business benefit from the "Nearest Business" listing?



Driving Direction

1. How do i generate a turn-by-turn driving direction from my street to any where in Lagos?

2. What types of driving direction routes can i generate across Lagos on


Business Opportunities 

1. Does accept and host advertising banners?

2. I run an advertising company in Nigeria, are there business opportunities to partner with to serve my clients?

3. I need digital street maps of Lagos and other cities in Nigeria for my business, who provided the maps used on


Relationship with

The services of resemble those of, is there any connection between the 2 websites?
















Searching for a Street in Lagos.

 . 1.    Enter the Street Name e.g. Taiwo Str (Note: It is important that you indicate that you are searching for a street by including

           the "Str" to indicate a street  or "Rd" to indicate a "Road whichever one is appropriate  otherwise searching only "Taiwo"

           will return all businesses in Lagos starting with Taiwo

2.        Click on the search icon or simply press  the ENTER key

3. returns a list of streets named "Taiwo Str"

4.       Click on anyone to see its location in the map window



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How does differentiate between streets with the same name but located in different areas of Lagos? contains the location of over 150,000 streets in Lagos totalling over 5,400km in length -if laid end to end,

 that is equivalent to almost the length of the earth's radius. Since it is quite common in Lagos to have several streets with

 the same  name but located in different areas of Lagos, how does know which one I am interested in? has a powerful search engine  that searches through all the 150,000 streets within seconds and returns a

a list of every single instance of the street you just searched for. It differentiates the streets by including the area where each

 instance was found. 

Simply scroll down the list of returned streets and click on the correct street you are looking for to see its location on the

map window -call it intelligent street search!


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Why is a street name incorrect?

Mapping Lagos is not an easy task, street names do change at an alarming rate. For instance, what used to be

called Kingsway Rd in Ikoyi is now known as Alfred Rilwan Rd, etc. It is therefore possible that some of the streets

 on are wrongly labelled or spelt. If you noticed any wrong street name, please send us a mail

( Our map provider will need to correct these in their database.


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How do I search for a particular business in Lagos?’s business finder service enables consumers in Lagos to search for
any business by name and refine the search based on the area where the business is located
in Lagos.’s  business database contains the location of over 50,000 businesses
within Lagos metropolis and outskirts such as Ikorodu, Ikotun, Ipaja, Abule Ega, Akute and Alagbado.
This business database includes banks and their branches, ATMs, hotels, restaurants, post offices,
shopping complexes, petrol stations, clubs, post offices, police stations, offices, major landmarks, etc


To search for a business by name and Suburb

1. Click on the "Find a Business" link on the main menu from the home page

2. Enter the business name that you wish to find e.g.


3. If you know the specific suburb where this business is

     located, then enter this in the "Where?" box below  e.g. Surulere (If you  do not know the suburb, then

 leave this box blank -LagosLocation will simply return all the locations of  Tantalizers in the database)

. 4. Click on the search Icon to start the search performs the search and returns the result right below the search boxes


The result page shows the contact detail of the business, product/service information,  map-thumbnail and the logo.


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How do I  search for a business by category? has the capability to search for several businesses based on how

they are classified in the database e.g. it is possible to search for all businesses classified

as restaurant, hotel, Bank, Insurance, Courier etc


1. Click on the "Find a Business" link on the main menu from the HomePage

2. Leave the "Business Name" and "Where" boxes blank

3. Click on the "Select Business Category to search for" dropdown list to select the appropriate

 category and click on the Search Icon


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How do I get more information about a business e.g. address, product & services, etc?

Most businesses listed have localised information, for instance banks have

 information that are only relevant to some specific branches, e.g. what branch of UBA

offers Saturday banking? What specific Tantalizers outlet serves Africana? etc. Is there

any contact phone number or email for map users to call the business, make enquiries

and purchase goods? provides localised information for some businesses listed in its database.

 How can you access this information?


1. After searching for a business, simply click on the map thumbnail (this will open a new map

 window with the business location marked at the centre of the map.

2. Use your mouse scroll or the Zoom slider on the left to zoom in and see more details

3. Click on the icon marking the location of the business on the map and the contact localised page pops up.


The contact contact localised  window has 3 Tabs

Tab1: LOCATION contains useful information regarding the business address, contact phone number,

website and logo.


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Tab2: INFO contains useful advertised product/service information.

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Tab3: PHOTOS contains contextual product or service pictures which allows users to connect visually with

the business product and services.

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How do I get the the nearest ATM, Bank, Restaurant, Hotel, School, etc to my street in Lagos

Map users are always looking for the nearest Bank, Hotel, etc to their homes or offices. With over
10 million internet users in Nigeria, the internet will continue to be a rich source of information to
consumers in Lagos. Business owners must find a way to make the consumers know how
close they are to them.'s “FIND THE NEAREST”  locator is a very simple mechanism allowing consumers
to enter, a street name and quickly locate the nearest Bank, ATM, Restaurant, Hotel, and School

to that street.

How is it done?
1. Search for your street on e.g. Ilupeju Bye-Pass
2. Select the appropriate business category from the "SHOW ON MAP THE NEAREST." dropdown list (directly
    below where you entered the street name
3. Notice that directly below the dropdown list, a list of businesses nearest to the searched list are listed
    with their relative distance to the searched street
4. The map window displays the location of the nearest business category selected from the dropdown list.
5. Click on any of the marked icons on the map to get more localised information

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I like the concept of, how do I get my business listed and how much does it cost?

Getting your business listed location on is entirely FREE of charge provided you have ONLY

one location. We charge a token to list multiple locations -hey don't worry, what we charge is just enough to cover the transport

 cost of our map analysts who would be visiting each of your locations to map it.


If you want us to map your multiple locations, please contact usHow can this benefit yiur business?

Click here to see an example of multiple location integration we did recently on for MTN dealers in

Lagos selling MTN products like recharge cards, top -up vouchers, MTN SIM cards, etc


 However if what you have is a single location, then you need to click here to fill our online Business Entry Data Form

and we shall take it from there. Once we have your details, we'll need to send our Field map analyst to map your

business location -fear not, you do not have to pay for the transport cost. Once we have your single location mapped, 

 we'll simply include the information you have sent us via the business data entry form.


You'll also need to send us your corporate logo and product pictures, so please send us these as attachments to (remember to include your business name in the mail when sending us the attachments

so that we do not mistakenly give your corporate logo to another company)


Once we have all your details, we should be able to upload these into our sever based in UK within 2 working days and

we'll send you a mail to confirm this.


Your business will become searchable on and appear on our map marked by an icon and

anytime the icon is clicked on, the following pop-up pages should appear.


Here is the "Contact page" -notice where your logo will be placed


This is the "Picture Page" -We'll suggest that you send us good quality picture


Remember It is ABSOLUTELY  FREE  to have your business location listed on provided

it is a single location. Do you want to host your banner on our website and target Nigerian consumers using

our map to  search for streets or business locations in Lagos? Then click here to see what we are offering.


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Is there any relationship between the and

Both websites are owned by the same company -Spatial Technologies Ltd. There was a technical issue with

replacing the map platform used to develop with a more advanced map server, so a decision was

taken to develop -a new portal with more advance online map functionalities to give users

better online experience.


Read more details about this on our blog here

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How do I Generate a street-by-street driving direction route from my street to the Location of a Business? is the number online street-by-street driving direction route finder in Nigeria. To generate a

driving routeto a particular street or business location from anywhere in Lagos is really simple, just follow the

 instructions below


Here is a Scenario:

You are on Adeyemo Alakija Str -Victoria Island and you wish to generate a driving direction route to the

National Stadium -Surulere. Follow these step-by-step instruction below:


1. On the Home Page of, click on the "Lagos Map" Link (you should find this

on the main menu link line)

2. First, search for Adeyemo Alakija Str (a list of all possible street names matching the searched

 criteria is returned below. Simply click on the Adeyemo Alakija Str -Victoria Island)

3. The map window shows the location of Adeyemo Alakija Str in VI

4. Right click on Adeyemo Alakija Str and select "DIRECTION FROM HERE" option. (a green flag

 appears on Adeyemo Alakija str indicating the start of the route, see fig: direction1 below)


 Fig: Direction1


5.    Now enter "NATIONAL STADIUM" in the search box for "Find a Street or Business"

6.    From the returned result, simply click on NATIONAL STADIUM -SURULERE (notice that the

       location of NATIONAL STADIUM is marked by an icon in the map window)

7.    Right click on the location of NATIONAL STADIUM and select "DIRECTIONS TO HERE"

       (Notice that the GREEN and RED flags in the DIRECTIONS window contain the start and end of your

       route see fig: direction2 below)


 Fig: Direction2


8.     Click on the FIND ROUTE button to generate the driving direction (See Fig: Direction3 below)

9.     Notice that a turn-by-turn instruction is generated in the DIRECTIONS window and a

        corresponding route is shown in the map window between the GREEN and RED flags


See Fig: Direction3


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What kind of route can I generate on

A driving route can be generated in 3 basic ways:

1. Routes from Street A to street B e.g. Broad Street -Lagos Island To Ogudu Rd -Ogudu

2. Routes from Street A to a business location e.g. Oba Akinjobi Str -Ikeja GRA to Nandos -Opebi

3. Routes between 2 business locations e.g. Mr Biggs -Masha To Oceanic Bank -Ojuelegba


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How can my business benefit from the Nearest Business listing?

Every month, over 100,000 map users come to search for their streets on By listing your
office/shop on will ensure that each time a map user or consumer searches for a street
close to your business, then your office/shop will show up -call it localised advertisement. also offers a unique service that includes marking the location of your business on the
map. Pictures of your products and services can also be integrated to improve customer experience. The
advantage of this is that prospective customers can easily see your location on the map and know where
you are located. YES, THEY WILL WORK HARDER TO MISS IT!!!'s premium service includes customise clickable icon of a company’s logo, or other symbol;
you can decide what extra details you wish to include such that each time a map user clicks on your logo then it will
display your address, contact person, email, contact phone, a description or products and services, and types of
merchandise stocked; in fact, anything that will be helpful to your customers to make a purchase at your shop or office.

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Advertising Banner offers highly-targeted solutions for Nigerian advertisers wishing to target the
Nigerian consumers in a consistent and efficient manner. All ad formats on our map pages can be
targeted by both IP address and geographical location. now attracts 1000s of users everyday especially users searching for the location
of a street or business in Lagos, with healthy month-on-month growth. Advertisers can brand an entire page.
Page branding will ensure banners from a competitor are not hosted on a particular page during the duration
of the page branding. Such an enormous potential audience coupled with sophisticated geo-targeting
capabilities make very attractive platform for targeting Nigerian consumers.
If you are interested in page branding, please contact us
To meet the needs of your advertising campaign, offers several different ad formats.
You can choose ads that are optimized for on or off map display, add expandable ads, or incorporate
flash media interactive forms. supports full banner, half banner, buttons, text ads,
skyscraper banners, leaderboard ads, etc

Below are examples of banners we can host on and their prices


Full banner (Size: 468 x 60px): Price: N10,000 for 2 months (Flash media or static)



Button  (Size: 125 x 125 px): Price: N5,000 for 2 months (Flash media or static)

We can also assist you to design your flash banner for an additional charge. Contact us if this does interest you


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Who provides's Digital Street Map of Lagos and Nigeria?

Spatial Technologies Ltd  (STL) -Nigeria's foremost mapping and GIS solution provider supplied all the

digital maps used to develop STL had developed digital street map for over 120 cities

across Nigeria including all state capitals.

STL's map powers the operations of banks, vehicle tracking companies, telecom companies, construction

companies and retailers in Nigeria and South Africa











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