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1. Why should I book for my hotel room in Lagos through
2. Do I get charged a booking fee?
Why do I need to make an initial commitment payment after booking?
4. Is there a difference in booking by telephone?
Do I pay or the hotel for the room?

6. What is guaranteed hotel room reservation?

7. When will my booking be confirmed?
8. Do I get a confirmation directly from the hotel for my hotel booking?
9. What happens if I make a reservation directly with the hotel?
10. I've not received my email confirmation, what should I do?
11. Can I cancel or amend my booking?
How do I leave a review?















Why should I book my hotel through
To find a good hotel at the best price in Lagos using the traditional method is usually difficult, you would

probably need to ask your friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc. You may eventually come up with a list

of several hotels across Lagos, however, you are still stuck with the stress of manually calling each hotel

one after the other to get their prices and compare. This would definitely cost you alot on phone cost, time

and effort. brings hundreds of these hotels and their prices into one single portal to give you
the benefit of price comparison. This offering ranges from budget to luxury five star hotels with regular
savings off the normal room rate for a variety of independent and branded hotels in Lagos.

Whether you travel to Lagos on business, or want a family friendly hotel room or a couple in need of a
romantic getaway in a cosy guest house or Hotel anywhere in Lagos, gives you
access to a huge range of hotels, the best hotel deals and cheapdiscount hotel prices across Lagos
that would suit your needs. Let do all the dull and boring work of checking
several hotel offerings in its database one by one for you and you take the glory.


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Do I get charged a booking fee?

Unless otherwise stated in the room description (for example in case of Special Deals, Hot Deals,

Advanced bookings etc.), you are required to make an upfront payment representing a percentage of the

 total hotel room booking cost. The value of this commitment  fee varies depending on the cost of the hotel

room you are booking and the number of days you wish to stay in the hotel  The exact amount would be

worked out and included in the copy of the reservation acknowledgement email that would be sent

to your email address.


This commitment fee is mandatory as it helps us to identify committed and serious users

This fee must reach us within 24hours of your making the reservation to confirm your hotel room otherwise

your booking would be automatically deleted without being processed.
The value of the commitment fee would be deducted from the advertised total hotel room cost. The balance is

 expected to be paid directly at the hotel during the check-in procedure. Unless otherwise stated on the webpage,

your account must be settled t the hotel in cash, with your ATM card, debit or credit card, provided the ATM,

debit or credit card type is accepted by the hotel. (


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Do I pay or the Hotel for the cost of the hotel room?
You will only need to pay the initial commitment fee representing a specific percentage of the

 total hotel cost per day to confirm  the hotel room reservation.
Most of the hotels featured on the site require that you pay the balance in full either on arrival or departure.

Each hotel's individual cancellation policy will inform you whether they require a deposit or full pre-payment.

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Why do I need to make an initial commitment payment after booking?
The commitment fee is to secure your booking and it tells us that you are really committed to booking the

hotel room. If this commitment payment is not received in's account at  least 48hours after

booking the room, then we cannot guarantee that room would be available again to you.


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Is there a difference in booking by telephone?
No. If the hotel you've chosen is available, then online is the quickest method and the most efficient way to book

your room Any special requests you make online are sent to the hotel directly but cannot be guaranteed. If you

have any additional questions or specific requests you will find our call centre to be most efficient. All the
prices you see on are the same online as they are over the phone; you simply pay for the phone call.


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Do I get a confirmation directly from the hotel for my hotel booking?
All reservations made through would be issued with a confirmation email from's team. The email would contain a subject detail which is your booking reference with, please use this subject detail in all correspondence with

The hotel may also send a direct confirmation to your email address to inform you that a room had been reserved for you.
You may also get an sms reminder 24hrs from before your check-in

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What happens if I make a reservation directly with the hotel?

1) processes hundreds of hotel bookings every month. This represents tremendous mileage in hotel
occupancy rate across Lagos. This statistics is therefore used by to negotiate discounts from the
hotels in behalf of its users.
You may not get this amount of discounts by going directly to the hotel because your booking represents just a single
instance of transaction for the hotel whereas brings several guests to the hotels sometimes a
couple of times in a single month.
You could potentially enjoy massive discounts when you make your booking using

2) Moreover, also ensures that all barrier to enjoying your stay at the hotel is completely removed.
This means that intervenes when its users experience any trouble enjoying their stay. Common
problems with hotel booking in Lagos include double booking, unjustified price increment, and bad services.
In some cases, had used its negotiating power to get FULL refund from hotels for its users when
it is established that they have been short-changed by the hotels.
By booking directly with the hotel, you'll lose the opportunity for a champion like LagosLocation to fight your cause
when things go wrong with your hotel booking.
It therefore pays to book your hotel using

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I've not received my email confirmation from the hotel, what should I do?
Don't worry, this doesn't mean that there's a problem with your booking. If you received a booking
confirmation from then you need to contact us so that we can chase the hotel to
send your confirmation email.
You can call our customer service line on 08023924832 (Lagos) or +44 798 299 6752 (UK). Alternatively, you can
send us an email (our email address is: Should you decide to call us, please
be informed that you may need to answer some security questions to establish that you actually
made the reservation

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What is guaranteed room reservation?
This option ensures that you get a guaranteed room reserved for you at the hotel when you book on A non-guaranteed room reservation does not automatically guarantee that a
room will be waiting for you at the hotel after booking from

What does it take to have a guaranteed room reservation?
The hotel requires that you make an upfront payment for at least one night in advance.
Once the booking commitment fee is paid up, you would receive the contact details of the hotel and
get instruction directly from the hotel management on how to make payment for at least the first night.
Once the hotel receives the payment for the first night, then a room is guaranteed for you at the hotel
even during the high season. Please note that the hotel has it's own terms & conditions that apply including the
cancellation clause, so remember to ask them for it and read it before making the payment.

Why do you need to pay for at least one night for a guaranteed room reservation?
When a room is reserved for you, the hotel ensures that the room is available, waiting for you to check
in even when other guests are interested in the same room for the same period. In the event that
you do not show up, this automatically translates to double revenue loss for the hotel. This is not
sustainable for any business especially in Nigeria.

What happens if I decided to opt for non-guaranteed room reservation?
You will still have to pay the commitment fee, however by opting for non-guaranteed
room reservation, then you run the risk of getting room at he hotel only based on availability
during your check in


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When will my booking be confirmed?

Your booking would be confirmed after receiving your commitment fee. The booking confirmation would be in the form of an email

informing you that a room had been reserved for you.


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Can I cancel or amend my booking?
Should you wish to cancel your reservation with, you can do so by simply forwarding the hotel reservation email
sent to you to with your reason(s) for the cancellation. Your chosen hotel will typically have its own
cancellation policy. Cancellations made within the time limit (which must not be less than 48 hours prior to date of arrival)
will receive a FULL refund of N500 (Five Hundred Naira) booking fee. Refund will be made generally within 48hours of receiving
the cancellation request. Refund will be by direct fund transfer to your bank account using the bank details you provided when you
paid the N500 to our bank account. The refund would be done generally within 48hours of receiving your cancellation email. Please
take into account that date of arrival starts at 0:00 AM (Nigerian Time). If you cancel beyond the cancellation deadline or do not
arrive at the hotel, then you forfeit the reservation fee N500.


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How do I leave a review?
To submit a review you must have booked through and stayed at the hotel. If you are a customer

you can submit a review through the automated review email. Upon booking you will be asked for a valid email address. We will use this

email address to invite you to submit a review 48 hours after your departure date.

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