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More and more brands are advertising on or around online and other digital maps. Not only does this advertising provide
location relevance, these advertising campaigns are highly measurable and easy to evaluate. The standout benefit of advertising
with is that it offers potential customers geographically relevant search results – that is, users of our
maps can find businesses and events in locations they are planning to visit.


Ways to connect with your customers on
1. Mapvertise and put your brand right on the map where people are looking
2. What is required to Mapvertise your brand on
3. How much does Mapvertising cost?

4. How long does it take to map and advertise my business location on
5. Why should I Mapvertise your brand on

6. Does hosts advertising banners?

7. Do you wish to partner with us to serve your clients?













Mapvertise Your Product and Business locations on
Mapvertising is the innovative concept that allows the use of geographic maps for advertising and branding purposes.

 Internet users can relate better with maps because a map is the equivalent of a thousand words. It is the unique way

of using geographic maps for localised advertising. Users can search for a street and see locations of the nearest

business offering a specific product or services  Using this innovative concept, it is very easy to mark the location of a

 restaurant, hotel, bank, on the map and integrate contextual relevant product pictures -call it geo-targeting!!


If you run a retail chain, dealership, franchise, restaurants, Hotels, Banks, shopping plazas, even petrol stations - you name it

 we can mark the location of each of your outlets or branches and integrate your campaign pictures, making it easier for

100,000 map users and potential customers to see where you are located.


MTN customer centre -Opebi, Ikeja Where is this?



Map of MTN customer centre -Opebi, Ikeja

MTN Customer centre at Opebi of course!!!  -Now you know...


Map of MTN customer centre -Opebi, Ikeja


 What is required to mapvertise?
1. We simply send out our experienced field analysts to collect the geographic details (Latitude & Longitude coordinates) of each of

    your business locations
2. We upload this into our mapping server hosted in UK
3. Finally, we integrate your corporate logo and product pictures to complete the location branding.

4. All these can be done within 2 working days.


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Why Should You Mapvertise Your Brand on's maps are seen every month by over 100,000 unique Nigerians living at home or abroad. Nigerians are always

searching for one street or the other on our website. Others are searching for the nearest hotel, restaurant, post office, market, bank,

ATM etc to their homes and offices. By mapvertising your  brand on the map, you can reach out to even more  customers on a daily

basis and make it easier for them to find your office or outlet.


 Knowing that over 70% of advertising decisions has a dependency on geography, mapvertising your location on

is ideal for Brand Visibility  & quick telephone access.


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How long does it take to Mapvertise your brand on the map?
Each of our field analysts is capable of collecting the geographic details of over 50 locations in Lagos in a day. We can therefore

guarantee that we can upload your location and your brand on the map within 2working days

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How much does it cost per annum to mapvertise a location on your map?
It costs ONLY  N1,000 per location each annum to put your corporate logo on an interactive map of Lagos in a way that will make it

 almost impossible for  over 100,000 map users of to miss your business location. Just think about it, for

only N1,000 you  an reach out to over 100,000 map users -you are probably spending more than that already on advertising and

with what result?

Contact our sales team now: 01-8533479

FREE Offers
We offer to mapvertise over 50 locations for every new customer for the first month FREE
All new customers who sign up for over 30 Mapvertised locations for an initial period of 12months get a welcome FREE gift of

 Satellite Navigation devices each loaded with the street level maps of over 120 cities across Nigeria including all the state

capitals and over 100,000 points of interest

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Does hosts Advertising Banners? now attracts 1000s of users every day, with healthy month-on-month growth. To meet the needs of your advertising

campaign, offers several different ad formats. You can choose ads that are optimized for on or off map display,

add expandable ads or incorporate flash media or interactive forms. We support full banner, half banner, buttons, text ads, skyscraper

banners, leaderboard adverts, etc



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Do You wish to Partner with us to Host Your Clients' Advert Campaign? is looking to partner with discerning online brand managers who are always looking to offer their clients the

best online advertising options. provides online local and brand advertisers with an interactive medium

for delivering geo-targeted and contextual display ads to a large, actively engaged  user community.
The Business Strategic Partner Program offers you an opportunity to increase your business by developing

and reselling adverts to be hosted on an interactive map. Our program is designed in tiers to give you the optimal level of service

and support that best fits your business model. As a Channel focused company, Spatial Technologies Ltd is committed to our

Partners, and we are  looking to recruit Partners with a superior level of professionalism and commitment to their customers and

If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch

Spatial Technologies Ltd
14 Raufu William Crescent

Off Adelabu Rd, Masha,

 Surulere, Lagos

Tel: 01-8533479 (Lagos)

+44 798 2996 752 (UK)



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