Map Solution for Your Business


With over 10million internet users in Nigeria, the way business is conducted
is changing fast. Consumers in Lagos are relying on the Internet to make
informed business decisions. Business owners in Nigeria must provide enough
information on their websites to help consumers make purchasing decision.

Below is a list of customised offerings to empower businesses in Nigeria.

1. Creating the location page for your website Contact Us Page
Most businesses in Lagos are now realising that having a corporate website is
an important requirement for brand recognition. A number of businesses have
realised that it is important that direction to their offices/shops is given
to their customers in a consistent and efficient manner. Some of these businesses
are now generating street maps of their businesses on and
including a link of these street maps generated on their CONTACT US page.
Their customers could click on this link and are taken to a map page on where their street is shown. Customers can then generate
accurate driving direction from anywhere in Lagos to the company's office

How can this be done?
a. Ensure that your business location is mapped on by filling our Business entry form
b. Once your business location is added to's database, then go to the business search page and search for
    your business
c. Find your business and click on the map thumbnail to display your business location (see fig 1 below)

Fig 1: Creating the thumbnail map


d. Copy the URL address shown when your business location is displayed on the map (see fig 2 below)

Fig2: Copying the URL address

e. Do a print screen to create an image of your business location map.
    Edit the copied image perhaps in Microsoft Paint brush and save it in JPEG format

f. Inserted the edited image on the CONTACT US page of your website

g. Add the copied URL address as hyperlink to the image

h. Anytime a customer clicks your location map, they are automatically taken to the
    location of yiur business on



2. Desktop GIS Solution For Nigerian Businesses

Businesses in the Nigeria of today, are market driven and market responsive.
The success of most businesses depends on their approach to data management,
customer relation management. Since over 70% of all strategic decisions a
business makes are dependent on geography, Spatial Technologies Lgtd can use maps
to assist businesses to make informed investment decisions in optimum site selection,
Geo-marketing research, customer profiling, denarship optimuization, building customers
loyalty and increasing the collaborator's productivity.
Spatial Technologies LTD had successfully implemented GIS solutions for UBA PLC, Zain, MTN Nigeria,
ICSL, iPNX, etc


3. Nigerian Digital street map data for Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Real-time vehicle tracking solution is becoming very popular in Nigeria.
Spatial Technologies Ltd (STL) is one of the largest producers of accurate
maps used to power vehicle tracking solutions in Nigeria. At the moment over
6 vehicle tracking companies in Nigeria are using STL's accurate maps to track
vehicles across Nigeria. Click here for more details about STL's map data


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